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Server: ONLINE
Exp & Drop: 350 & 40%
Version: 0.97p
Total accounts: 136
Total characters: 173
Total guilds: 6
Serv #1 Players Online: 0/100
Total online: 0
On webpage: 2
DS start in:
BC start in:


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Last 5 objects
Item Price
Exc. Ring of Ice+0% hr 20 kk
Exc. Ring of Poison+0% hr 10 kk
Exc. Ring of Ice+0% hr 1.1 kkk
Steel Emperror Blade +16 1.1 kkk
Exc. Dark Phoenix Armor+0+8 1.1 kkk
Last 5 topics
Time Topic
21-04-2021 19:14 Windowed Mode
21-04-2021 10:05 Get 100 Resets = 1 Item +13 +FO (FOR EVERYONE)
20-04-2021 17:49 @SHOP
20-04-2021 15:21 Server
19-04-2021 21:14 100 Resets :)
OK,this will be my last try to keep the server up,if it doesnt work. IM done.
New client been added to the download section.
Noria top Right(Good spot) right next to the entrance to Atlans
Arena has been updated with more spots.
Lorencia has 1 additional spot ( 145 216

Box of Kundun Update (2)

admin @ 30-03-2021 09:44
Box of Kundun Update.
Now boxes will drop some additional items.
EVERY Character that gets 100 reset on their Character will get 1 item +13+fo.
You can get it multiple times with a different characters.
Reset limit raise cost is set to 0.(See reset section)
Good luck.

Mana Shield Scroll (1)

admin @ 21-03-2021 19:57
Mana shield scroll added to the drop.
WE dont use vote and reward system,but you can still help us grow by voting.

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